Birding at My Place

Birding at My Place
My favorite pastime is enjoying the birds of my one acre paradise in southeastern Arizona.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I'd Rather Be Birding

After selling our home in Tucson and starting the full-time RV lifestyle, I originally planned to keep blogging. I have enjoyed the blogging experience over the years (with my other blogs), but maintaining a blog is time-consuming. I'm finding that I'd really rather be out birding than writing about being out birding.

It also seems that fewer people are reading blogs anymore as vlogging has become more popular. I have no desire to vlog and, trust me, nobody would enjoy watching a video of me droning on about anything. I do, however, like to take pictures of birds and whatever else catches my fancy. My camera is not fancy and I'm an impatient photographer, always wanting to get back to watching the birds rather than trying to get the perfect photo, but I still capture some decent images.

Instagram is proving to be a nice platform for sharing what I'm doing and seeing. If you are interested in following my adventures as we travel around in our RV exploring new areas, head on over to instagram/birdingbyrv. You can view my photos a whole lot faster than you can read my wordy blog posts. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.